Garden Bracket – Antique Victorian Hinge Style (Plan H1702)

A Victorian  classic, this bracket is as useful as it is beautiful.  The bracket can be used bent for raised bed gardens, or just cut it our and leave it unbent as a medallion or escutcheon plate. Designed for 6″ wide lumber and deck screws.

Instructions:  Download the DXF file below.  This file can be used by any metal fabrication shop with a plasma, laser, or waterjet cutter.  Laser cutting will produce the best results, but a plasma cutter should be adequate for most purposes.  The file includes a bend line (in red) that should not be cut.  Please delete this line or hide the “bend” layer before cutting.  After the part has been cut out, simply bend 90 degrees.  The part is symmetrical, so bend direction is irrelevant.

Licensed for commercial use.

Suggested Material: 10 GA. steel

Suggested Finish: Natural rust, or powder coat


DXF file for plasma cutting or laser cutting:


DXF File Contents

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